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Wonk Shop Convention Wrap up!!!

This past month for the Wonk Shop has been filled with Comic Conventions!!! Our Wonk Shop Girl’s spent the entire month of April traveling, planning, shipping, stocking and much more to bring you some exclusive convention products for WonderCon Anaheim, Star Wars Celebration, and Wizard World Las Vegas!    The Wonky Girls made their convention debut in Anaheim’s WonderCon where they [...]

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Wonk Shop’s Community Outreach- Las Vegas, Local Elementary School Super Hero Field Day 2015

A couple weeks ago, The Wonk Shop Girls were asked to volunteer their time at a local elementary school’s Super Hero themed Field Day event. Ahhh… Yes! Without a single doubt they were there!Keeping with our monthly commitment to making a difference in our community, The Wonk Shop volunteered to run one of the event booths and spread their [...]

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Wonk Shop Community Outreach- Las Vegas, The Color Run- Shine Tour 2015

In February 2015 The Wonk Shop Girls raced their way to the finish line of The Color Run 5k—the single largest event series in the world, also known as the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”. What is The Color Run? The Color Run started in 2011 and is celebrated in more than 50 countries. At each kilometer of [...]

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Meet The Wonk Shops Team Captain- Courteney

If you could be any Superhero who would you be and why?Wonder Woman hands down, she is like the princess of all mighty women! I believe her 70’s inspired outfit, invisible jet and “lasso of truth” all make her one of the best, most stylish and all around coolest superheroes out there. She can communicate with animals, has super strength, [...]

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Get To Know Wonk Shop's CEO- Ashley

1.) Tell us how you came up with Wonk Shop. Why Wonk?- I came up with the name while lounging on my couch one Saturday afternoon. I was brainstorming and I knew that I wanted my brand to be identified with geek culture but still relatable to everyone. When I think of Wonk I immediately think of the word passion. [...]

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