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About Us

Wonks Unite

What is a Wonk?!?!

A Wonk is anybody and everybody who is both passionate and knowledgeable about their stuff. Not just any stuff. The stuff that moves them and matters the most. The rare stuff, the cool stuff, the stuff that dreams are made of stuff.

Wonks come in all shapes sizes, genders, races, ages, and species.

There are techy Wonks, comic Wonks, musical Wonks, sci-fi Wonks, designer Wonks, super fan Wonks, literary and political Wonks. The list goes on because the list is long! The point is, no matter what your Wonkish flair we have one of a kind premium products at affordable prices for the Wonk in you.

At Wonk Shop we believe that coming home and relaxing on your couch with your toes sinking into your very own Chewie rug should be common place for all Star Wars fans. Trekie instead? We got you covered too.

We highlight unique, premium products, many of which you won't find anywhere else. We feature a little something for all the Wonks we know and love, from home décor, furnishings, clothing options, gifts and much much more. If we don’t have what feeds your Wonky needs, let us know! Contact us today.

It’s a Wonks World baby!!!!


About the owner

ashley.jpgThe Wonk Shop was founded in 2014 by me, Ashley Butler, a US Military Veteran who always dreamed of running her own business.

I was born and raised on a military base surrounded by heroes on a regular basis. I grew up believing that Batman was real and if I could just get off the base and into Gotham some day he would rescue me too!

As fate would have it, I joined the Air Force after high school. Batman would have to wait until after Afghanistan.

While in service I worked Logistics, monitoring inventory for aircraft parts. Transitioning into my own 'Supply' (Sup-Sup) business for things I loved was a no brainer.

Supplying that joy to others via the Wonk Shop… BONUS MISSION!

Ready to transport Captain

Currently, we're a very small operation — just me and my best friend! But this is the beginning of something amazing!

I believe that there is no shame in admitting that you are working towards your dreams. Being small allows us to cater to some of the trivial things corporate-type online businesses sometimes overlook.

We are customers ourselves. We won't sell it if we wouldn't buy it.

This means that we know how you want to be treated, and we take our time with every purchase. Don’t be surprised to find a special note directly from yours truly if you buy from us. It's so important to me that your purchase is received with joy.

We are growing bigger every day, and hope you’ll join us in the growth. Success takes time, and it takes your feedback. Please send us your suggestions and support our shared ambition of making dreams come true.